A very warm hello to you!

I am Jeanette: Floral Obsessed, Thinker, Maker and Dreamer! What a treat it is having you read my written word and I hope now that we are on sentence number three you are Sitting quite comfortably. Or maybe you are lying on a tropical island, sitting in an Uber or trying to escape a boring broadcasted sports match. Whatever position you are finding yourself in I welcome you with a big smile and a happy Flower Heart! Should you wish to continue reading I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee and a rusk, or green kale infused health juice {I know right}, or why not break all the rules and grab yourself a glass of Bubbly – Your wedding journey is indeed one to celebrate! Whoever you are, whatever drink and snack you have selected to arm yourself with,  welcome to my page:  My heart’s desire and big Dream called Paramithi.

I reside in Durbanville {Cape Town} with my husband and three Yorkshire terriers. After losing my mom to a sad battle of cancer I followed her advice to “Make pretty in the world” and thus my Flower journey happened. After successfully completing and obtaining a Diploma in Wedding Planning and Flower and Décor design my passion for Flowers was more established , and now more real than ever before. Fast forward a few years later – And today I am the proud owner of a darling little Flower Shop and I am able to Beautify Weddings with lush Floral Designs.

I believe Your wedding day is probably the one day that has dominated your dreams since you were little and Wedding flowers are one of the most important elements of your big day. Not only do they provide colour and scent, but they symbolize life, growth, and an untold story of beauty. Behind the dresses, and other intricate details – wedding flowers are also a conversation starter and create a definite atmosphere.

In creating your wedding flowers: I seek to highlight the natural beauty of the flowers themselves; designing the overall impression rather than focusing on the flowers alone. This careful consideration and approach makes for a day in which the flowers compliment you and your dress and creates a wedding and reception setting which is  in sync with your style and personality; one which you and your guests will not only talk about, but reminisce about for a lifetime.

I always like to encourage couples to think of their wedding as the “largest dinner party they’ve ever thrown”. Why? Because your wedding should fit in with the rest of your tastes and your lifestyle – it should be no exception. You want to treat your guests as if you’re welcoming them into your own home. Your wedding should look and feel like it’s yours and nobody else’s. Everything from the invitations, ceremony and the space itself should be infused with personalized details that create an event unique to you.


The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry and religious ceremony. Everyone recognizes him / herself by name. Let’s consider what a name is: It is the grouping of several letters of the alphabet, or other symbols, which represent the identification of a person or object. Names and identities are our first impressions and for my Flower business I wanted something unique and special.  I often get clients who ask “What is Paramithi?… and “How do I pronounce it?”[pa-ra-me-thee] “From Greek Origin that carries the connotation of a Fairy tale”. I chose the name Paramithi as every girl dreams to be a princess for a day and having her own fairy tale wedding, slipping into her glass slippers, swaying with her prince and being the lead character that lives happily after.

I look forward to spoiling you with beautiful floral design and being part of your most beautiful day

Jeanette xox

Paramithi Services include (but are not limited to):

Flowers & Floral Design

Budget Planning

Decor Design & Styling



Ice cream/Candy Buffets

Ribbon Corsages

“Most people in the city rush around so, they have no
time to look at a flower.
I want them to see it whether they want to or not.”